With this new wide angle lens you´ll be able to upgrade the scanning capabiltiy of your existing laser projector up to 360 degrees. After the uncomlicated installation it will be possible to fill an entiere room with shaped beams, laser graphics and animations.

No moving parts are used! Just put the omni-directional projection lens into the RTI mount for all RTI PIKO and NANO projectors - which will be attached to the front of your projector - and you can start scanning in a 360 degree circle.

While standard X-Y scanners normally cover an area of 60 degrees, the Pangolin DiscoScan 2.0 scans a whole 360 degree circle by amplifying the original scan angle.

It is also possible to add the Pangolin DiscoSan 2.0 lens to a new ordered laser projector.

Scan Angle: